Impact the business goals

By implementing our smart accounts payable invoice processing solution, using AI

Cevinio’s Invoice-to-Pay cloud solution helps large enterprises improve their relationship with suppliers as well to increase employee & leadership satisfaction.

Our future-proof multi-OCR AI and low-code/no-code accounting robot continuously improves accuracy, productivity, and contributes to capture early payment discounts.

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    Are you looking in to:

    Drive efficiencies by applying AI?
    Take your finance transformation to the next level
    Leverage technology for optimal performance and cost saving?
    Achieve business goals and personal targets?
    Lead a high-performance AP team?
    Increase reporting effectiveness?
    Invoice to Pay AI based solution

    Do you recognize this?

    icon Low productivity

    Your AP productivity is lower than it should be ​

    icon time consuming

    Timeliness of payments are leading to time-consuming supplier communication and late-payment fees​ ​


    You do not have full control of working capital caused by long throughput times​

    icon suppliers

    You are struggling to onboard (long-tail) suppliers to your invoice platform: hindering the most efficient way of handling invoices​ ​

    icon workflow

    The process to maintain the invoice approval workflow is cumbersome and error prone​

    icon compliance issues

    Compliance issues with vendor invoices ​

    icon challenging it landscape

    A challenging IT landscape with multiple instances / applications

    We help finance leaders -like you- to turn challenges into opportunities by delivering an Invoice-to-Pay solution that injects automation and technology into the accounts payable process.

    How will you benefit?

    Cevinio Invoice-to-Pay is the invoice processing automation solution that enhances the collaboration of humans with Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and Machine Learning (“ML”): the robots, in order to benefit from the best of both worlds.
    We apply AI and ML to make our solution smarter and more autonomous, so your team of AP agents can focus on high-value tasks. By implementing Cevinio you will benefit from:

    icon improve

    Improvement of the P2P process using 3rd generation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ​

    icon increase productivity

    Drastic increase of productivity through automation: AI/ML takes over manual activities ​

    icon any kind of invoice

    Ability to handle any kind of invoice in one environment​: paper/PDF/e-invoices, and PO/non-PO invoices​​​

    icon language independent OCR

    Language independent and template-free OCR ​

    icon Multiple OCR tools

    Best-of-breed OCR tools that we continuously select to process your invoices ​

    icon discounts

    Identification of early-payment discounts ​

    icon insights

    Increased insight into working capital through advanced reporting​

    icon invoice portal

    Exchange with suppliers of real-time data using the invoice portal ​

    icon compliance toolbox

    Increase of tax, legal, and corporate compliance using our compliance toolbox​

    icon scale fast

    Scalable SaaS solution: start small and scale fast​

    icon ROI

    Quick ROI payback in less than 12 months​

    icon ROI

    Quick ROI payback in less than 12 months ​

    This could be your new standard

    icon pay on-time

    Pay on-time​ ​

    icon increase productivity

    Increased productivity​ ​​

    icon supplier

    Supplier participation

    icon fast invoice handling

    Fast invoice handling cycle​

    icon business focus

    More business focus ​

    icon remote work

    Work from anywhere​

    icon compliance

    Improved compliance

    icon insights

    Insights into the full I2P process

    Features that will impact your I2P process

    The following technologies and developments enable us to deliver an Invoice-to-Pay SaaS solution that will make your AP teams more efficient and effective:

    OCR solution that reads like a human
    Ability to handle any kind of invoice
    Line-level matching between PO, GRN and invoice
    Automated non-PO invoice coding on header level
    Compliance toolbox for Tax, Legal and Corporate Compliance
    Invoice Approval Workflow tool
    Vendor invoice portal ​​
    User friendly interface​​
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    Business cases

    Manufacturing industry

    • 830K annual invoices 
    • 107 AP agents
    • 2 delivery locations (SSCs) 

    Example of a business case

    “Technology was driver for process efficiency”


    • Full I2P solution with workflow
    • Implementation in 5 months including best-practice process optimization
    • Non-PO automatic coding brought to 72%
    • Automated PO line-level matching up to 81%

    Retail industry

    • 4.2M annual invoices, >80% non-PO invoices
    • 40% paper & 60% PDF
    • 41 countries

    Example of a business case

    “Delivery of a solution within and outside of new ERP platform”


    • Invoice-to-Pay solution, fully implemented remotely (COVID19 imposed)
    • Triggered by COVID19: reduction of paper invoices of more than 80%
    • 42% of high-volume suppliers onboarded the Cevinio-powered invoice platform to facilitate receiving e-invoices, within 3 months

    Financial industry

    • Global scope NA, EMEA, APAC
    • 82% non-PO invoices

    Example of a business case

    “Implementation was on-time & on-budget”


    • Full Cevinio solution, from invoice inception to invoice approval through workflow
    • The solution was up-and-running in the first region within 3 months, the rest followed within 6 months
    • Implementation of new invoice approval matrix

    ROI <12 months payback

    How can your business case look like:

    100 90 80 70 60 50 $- $500,000 $-500,000 $1,000,000 $-1,000,000 $1,500,000 $-1,500,000 Y0 Y1 Y2 Y3 40 30 20 10 0 Total process cost Investment Savings Cumulative cashflow # FTE


    Cevinio’s Invoice-to-Pay value proposition

    At Cevinio we are committed to deliver a world-class and cutting-edge Invoice-to-Pay solution that aligns with your business goals.

    Here you can see our competitive advantages, however you must know we don’t stop here. We work every day to release new features and functionalities, making sure our clients keep up with their always more challenging goals.

    We are future-proof.

    OCR Solutions Intelligent Character Recognition Open invoice portal Approval workflow engine Accounting robot for PO and non-POinvoices Invoice compliance check Self-learning accounting engine Multi OCR vendor Language agnostic – Humanized characterrecognition: Reading like an human Tax/VAT toolbox. ERP independent andoverarching Line-level PO & GRN matching Standard ERPsolutions

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