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Future proof Invoice-to-Pay cloud solution​

With the Cevinio’s Invoice-to-Pay cloud solution, our clients reach above average levels of automation leading to 3-5 times higher productivity.

Discover how our smart accounts payable invoice automation solution -powered by Artificial Intelligence- can help you.

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Why Cevinio Invoice-to-Pay

At Cevinio, we provide you with more than a future-proof multi-OCR (Optical Character Recognition) powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and low-code/no-code accounting robot that continuously improves accuracy, productivity, and on-time payments. We have developed a solution that addresses your challenges and provides for creative solutions.

By working closely with our clients, we learn about their pains and struggles. These insights inspire our team to look for ways to streamline their invoice process, making it more efficient and effective. Besides, we take a different approach by bringing human-machine collaboration into play. We describe our product as a robot that thinks like a human, as it is based on next-generation algorithms.

Explore the unique features of our solution
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Accounting & Compliance robot: generating an audit trail for each posting

Consistency in cost allocation

Tax accounting engine

Compliance validations

Line-level matching of Purchase Order-Goods Received Note-Invoice

Ability to support 2-way matching

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Approval of non-PO invoices, based on matrices

Obtain approvals regarding mismatches on price and quantities

Seamless data ingestion icon

Seamless data ingestion: paper, e-mail and e-invoices

Invoice splitting of batches of scanned paper invoices

Vendor portal available for pdf and XML invoices

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Smart data matching: We use the most appropriate data capturing tool for each individual invoice

Invoice header data alignment with master data and transactional data

No templating and language independent

Self-learning ability

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Scale and grow: Multi ERP connectivity, multi legal entities

Integration through API or sFTP

We currently have connections with >350 (versions of) ERP

How will you benefit from invoice automation?

We apply these technologies to make our solution smarter and more autonomous, allowing your AP team the ability to perform high-value tasks and grow professionally. By implementing Cevinio you will benefit from:
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Drastic increase of productivity through automation: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning take over manual activities
Capture Data Icon
Capture data from paper or PDF invoices with our multi-OCR solution: we run them for you and select the best ones
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Positive impact on Working Capital: pay on-time and benefit from early-payment discounts

Without & with Cevinio Invoice-to-Pay

Let us take you on a short journey through your daily invoice processing challenges. In contrast, we show you the benefits of implementing a new way of working: human-robot collaboration. Our technology is at your service so you can bring your finance where you want to be.


With Cevinio

Accounts payable productivity is not where you want it to be Without Cevinio With Cevinio Increased productivity: 3-5 times!
Long throughput times Without Cevinio With Cevinio Fast invoice management cycle
Late-payment fees Without Cevinio With Cevinio Early payment discounts
The invoice approval workflow is cumbersome and error prone Without Cevinio With Cevinio Clear invoice approval process
Time-consuming supplier communication Without Cevinio With Cevinio Supplier finds information on portal
Struggling to adapt to hybrid working models Without Cevinio With Cevinio Work from anywhere
Struggling to onboard (long-tail) suppliers to your invoice platform Without Cevinio With Cevinio Free onboarding for your suppliers on the Cevinio vendor portal, and free use of it
Compliance issues with vendor invoices keep on popping up Without Cevinio With Cevinio Improved compliance
IT landscape is challenging with multiple instances / applications Without Cevinio With Cevinio Ability to connect to any ERP, seamlessly

What will Cevinio Invoice-to-Pay bring to your role?

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  • On-time payment of all invoices, benefiting from early payments and preventing late payments
  • Increased Compliance and accounting accuracy
  • Reduced cost of the Invoice-to-Pay process

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